Switcher Studio's iOS screensharing feature has infinite use cases, expanding what's possible in your productions. Basically, if you can show something on your iOS device, you can show it in Switcher just by connecting your phone or iPad as a video source. From green screen and scoreboard apps to system setups and video games, the sky's the limit for what you can screenshare into your productions. 

Literally — because today we're talking about drones. Sorry, I had to.

Take the DJI Spark drone, for instance. By picking up the drone footage with a DJI remote controller that you connect to your iPhone, you can stream live video from a drone into your Switcher productions.

Let’s take a look at setting this up.

Gear needed to livestream drone footage:

Step-by-step instructions for livestreaming drone footage:

1. Turn on the remote controller (with nothing plugged into it).

To turn it on, press the power button once and then press it again, this time holding for 2 seconds.

Turning on DJI Spark Controller

2. Turn on the DJI Spark.

To turn it on, press the power button once and then press it again, this time holding for 2 seconds.

Turning on DJI Drone

3. Wait for the green light on the controller, which shows that the Spark drone is connected to the controller.

Waiting for DJI controller and drone to pair

4. Open the DJI GO4 App on your iPhone.

Opening the DJI app

5. Plug in the OTG cable — first into the iOS device and then into the remote controller.

The controller may rumble to notify you that the connection is working. 

Plugging in the OTG cable to your phone

Plugging OTG cable into the DJI controller

6. You will get a message on the iOS device telling you that your accessory may not be supported. Tap Dismiss.

Warning message

7. The drone's camera will now connect and display on your phone. To view your footage full-screen, swipe up with two fingers to hide the app controls.

DJI drone connected and ready for flight

10. Set up iOS screensharing in Switcher Studio to turn your phone screen (now displaying drone footage) into a video source for your Switcher production. 

If you've never set up iOS screensharing in Switcher Studio before, follow this iOS screensharing tutorial.

11. Take to the skies!

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