If you haven’t done much live video, it can be intimidating. (See How to Plan Your First Live Video here.) But, sometimes the biggest stumbling block is deciding what kind of content is appropriate. If you find yourself asking, do I even have any content I could use to go live? The answer is… probably more than you think.

  1. Events
    Going to a conference? You can go live around your travel, your interaction with the people you meet, a presentation you give or attend, or a recap of everything you experienced.
  2. Countdowns & Lists
    Think late night talk show top 10 lists. Countdowns and lists are popular content that online users eagerly consume. If you’re a chef, go live with your top 10 favorite restaurants or the 15 reasons kale is so 2016. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Updates & Announcements
    Have something new to tell your customers or followers? Try live video instead of just posting static content.
  4. Interviews
    Depending on your industry, interviews can be a great tool for bringing expert information to your audience. Consider business leaders, vendors, anyone who can provide valuable content for your audience.
  5. Q&As
    Like an interview, Q&As work really well at sharing information in a give-and-take format.
  6. Demonstrations
    Demos are a great choice if you have a product to sell. For instance, Sun Basket, a healthy meal delivery kit service, does live demonstrations to cook their recipes, promoting their service.
  7. Reviews
    Like a live demonstration, you can test and review your own or someone else’s product in a live broadcast. If you work for an IT company that provides computer support, think about reviewing products that you would recommend for your clients.
  8. Sharing Resources
    Are you in a key niche with special knowledge to share? Do you publish a blog or newsletter? Why not take that content and share it in a live video format?
  9. Round-Ups
    A round-up is simply a collection of information. A video production company might broadcast a round-up of music video clips from concerts they’ve recorded this year or a church might present a round-up of key points from their pastor’s sermons.
  10. Stories
    Do you have a customer or client who is using your product or services really well? Tell their story in a live video instead of, or in addition to, blogging about it.
  11. Behind-the-Scenes
    What does your company do? Does your audience really know how that product gets made or what goes into creating the perfect fundraising event? Give them a sneak peek.
  12. Podcasts
    Weekly sports broadcasts or even radio talk shows make great podcasts. Those can easily be turned into live video with one camera on the host or a slideshow or pertinent graphics.
  13. Contests
    Want to get your audience excited? Announce or conduct a contest in a live video. People love to win things, and the added element of live interaction will make it that much more fun.


To make the most of the wide variety of live video content, create a content calendar and plan how you will vary your content and when live videos make sense for your business.

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