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Stream from up to 9 camera angles

Show us your good side and your other good side and your other good side.

Wirelessly sync up to 9 iPhones and iPads for a multicamera stream. Switch cameras with the simple Switcher app — which also lets you control each camera’s exposure, white balance, focus, and zoom. (You can even pair the Switcher app with a DJI Osmo Mobile to pan and tilt cameras from a distance.) Swap angles live or show multiple at once with picture-in-picture and side-by-side layouts.

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Spice up your streams with logos, graphics, and prerecorded video

Plus, store those assets in the cloud for instant access anywhere.

Brand your broadcast or recognize sponsors by showing logos on your video — or share info and laughs with other graphics and images. Display graphics at full-screen or pinch and drag to get them any size and place you want. You can also roll in prerecorded videos like openers, hype videos, commercials, or special segments. Best of all, you can store these graphic and video files in your Switcher Cloud for consistent branding and easy access.

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Add in text, titles, and CTAs in real time

Nothing says legit like a lower third.

Use one of our animated templates for text, titles, and social handles, or build your own! It’s easy to edit and insert these from the Switcher app while streaming live. Customize size, colors, placement, and animation for your text elements — then add and remove them with a single tap. You can also upload your own transparent PNGs for custom text elements that match your branding perfectly.

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Invite a guest to join from anywhere in the world

Please give a warm welcome to … anybody you want.

Bring co-hosts, guest callers, or interviewees onto your live show with Video Chat. Guests can join instantly from their computers or smartphones just by clicking a link you send — no special downloads required. So whether you want to bring in an on-site correspondent at the scene of breaking news or your best friend in the middle of nowhere, Switcher’s got you covered.

Livestreaming Possibilities for
Any Platform

Meet your audience where they are. Switcher Studio’s built-in platform integrations let you stream stunning live video directly to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitch, Microsoft Stream, and more.

  • facebook


    Engage viewers by displaying viewer comments, conducting live polls, and more.

    Learn More
  • youtube


    Entertain your viewers by livestreaming reviews, tutorials, shows, and more.

    Learn More
  • Microsoft Stream

    Microsoft Stream

    Interact with your organization by livestreaming meetings, conferences, and more.

    Learn More
  • LinkedIn


    Connect with pros by streaming thought leadership content, webinars, and more.

    Learn More
  • Twitch


    Use your device to livestream your gaming sessions, chats, podcasts, and more.

    Learn More
  • RTMP


    Livestream to Twitter, Vimeo, simulcasting platforms, and beyond using Custom RTMP.

More to love about Switcher Studio

  • Display Facebook comments live in your video for real-time engagement.
  • Show real-time scores for live sports streams with our customizable Scoreboard extension.
  • Connect your audio mixer to ensure perfect audio for viewers.
  • Share to multiple Facebook destinations at once with Facebook crossposting.
  • Share your phone or computer screen with the world.
  • Schedule your livestream on Facebook to notify followers early.
  • Access tons of video tutorials and step-by-step guides.
  • Get prompt email support for specific questions.
  • Find inspiration and camaraderie in our lively Facebook group of Switcher enthusiasts.