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An easy-to-use livestreaming app from Switcher Studio

You don't need expensive gear to share your world with the world: the Switcher Studio app turns your iPhone or iPad into a streaming camera and real time editing tool. 

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Switcher Studio on the iPad
  • Connect multiple video sources

  • Add graphics and multimedia

  • Stream almost anywhere

  • Invite Remote Guests

  • Edit live in the Switcher Studio iOS app


Sell Shopify Products on Facebook Live

With Cartr, Shopify merchants can access their product collections directly in the Switcher Studio app and sell their products on Facebook Live. Viewers can add items to their carts simply by commenting — our checkout chatbot helps them privately finalize their orders via an automated DM.

Learn More About Cartr

Edit live in the Switcher Studio iOS app

Control your entire live video production through real-time editing using Switcher’s livestreaming app for iPhones and iPads. Simply tap to edit your videos, choose destinations, add graphics, screenshare and more. It’s a video switcher and livestream encoder in your pocket.


Multicamera Livestreaming

Create a dynamic video by connecting up to nine cameras or video sources simultaneously, including iPhone and iPad cameras, Mac webcams, Remote Guests’ phones or webcams, prerecorded videos, and Mac, PC, and iOS screens.


Add logos, graphics and multimedia

Logos and lower thirds; CTAs and one-tap Cards; prerecorded audio and video clips, and more. Insert your own multimedia assets or use Switcher’s premade templates to beautify your production. There are so many options — how will you spice up your videos?


Invite Remote Guests

Share the screen — invite up to 5 Remote Guests to join your stream from anywhere in the world and nearly any phone or webcam. Your Remote Guests can even share their computer screens and preview the production on their end.


Direct Integrations and Multistreaming

Switcher features direct integrations with Facebook Live, YouTube, LinkedIn Live, Twitch, Microsoft Stream, and more — or use custom RTMP to reach nearly any other platform. With our built-in Multistreaming feature, you can even stream to multiple platforms at once. Plus, with Switcher as a Webcam, you can output your production to video conferencing software like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.


Get prompt and personalized support

Learn how to use Switcher Studio easily with our guided tutorials, robust Help Center, and enthusiastic online communities — plus, get prompt email support for questions that come up along the way.