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Cover the news
from every angle

Switcher Studio lets you capture and edit multiple camera angles in real time — and livestream the production with ease — using just iPhones and iPads.


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In today’s world, getting the media you produce online is vital. Increase visibility, viewership, and more by embedding video on your website. The Switcher Player is a white-label HTML5 video player that’s easy to customize and embed almost anywhere. Upload videos, create playlists, and even livestream to your domain. 

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You have content to share — make it easy for your viewers to find it. Whether you’re livestreaming to your site or sharing videos on-demand, you can add content and links to your video player. Your viewers can sit back and watch in theater mode, or interact and explore the video description, linked articles, donations platforms, and more.

Live on the scene, sans the sat truck

News never sleeps — but you can rest easy. With Switcher, you can stream breaking news, exclusive stories, interviews, community events, sports, and more, all from the phone in your pocket.

Plus, Switcher lets you edit the footage in real time — and even connect up to 8 additional iPhones and iPads to ensure you cover every angle. Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, your own website, and beyond.

Whether you work in print, radio, TV, or digital, livestreaming lets you reach and engage with audiences like never before. It’s the easy way to innovate, preserving the real-time appeal of live news and adding the interaction and engagement possible only online.

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Want to use a mirrorless camera, DSLR, cinema camera, or GoPro in your Switcher productions? Our direct integration with Accsoon SeeMo makes it easy.  

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Switcher Studio and Accsoon Seemo


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For newsrooms that are new to livestreaming, creating a livestreaming video strategy can present procedural, structural, and technological challenges: What and where should we livestream? Can livestreaming generate revenue? What technology do we need? What makes a great livestream? This free guide answers those questions and more — and provides a glimpse of livestreaming software Switcher Studio.

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Hear JPIMedia's Streaming Story

Graham Walker of JPIMedia is livestreaming to his newspapers’ Facebook pages with Switcher Studio — and advertisers and audiences can’t get enough of it.

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Switcher Shoutouts

Now literally, because of these fantastic tools of Switcher Studio, I'm able to rival leading broadcast companies. … I can fire up Switcher Studio on a multicamera system, and actually deliver a TV-quality presentation instantly.

GRAHAM WALKER, Commercial Content Editor JPI Media

What a brilliant invention. A sat truck, a cameraman, a graphics system, a video server, a director, and vision mixer all in your pocket.

CHRIS JAMES, Broadcast Editor Bristol News

We chose Switcher Studio. It's very fast to setup. All the gear can be packed in a little backpack.

DIEDERICK LEGRAIN, Digital Manager & Reporter Matele

Switcher saves us the cost of hiring outside teams to produce graphics. We can use Switcher ourselves. It’s intuitive, and no satellite uplink truck is needed.

JACKIE STROUSE, Senior Manager of Social Media at Golf Channel