Stream Your Church and Worship Services to Facebook Live

Creating and streaming live video has never been easier or cheaper. 


Live streaming video is a great way to bring your community of members together. Using Switcher's easy-to-use live video creation platform you can stream directly to Facebook Live or Youtube and reach members that could not make it to the service but still want to participate. It's also a great way to expand your membership.

Switcher Studio makes it easy for people of all technical backgrounds to create  live video. The simple interface of the live video mixer software allows you to change camera angles, add photos, pre-recorded video or anything else straight from your camera roll. With the latest update, you can even live edit your bottom-thirds and see viewer comments in the app. And with one touch, stream to YouTube or Facebook Live.

Don't leave anyone out. Reach all of your members for your church or worship services with dynamic live video using your iphones and ipads as multipe cameras. And after the stream, Switcher's Director Mode allows you to replace the lower quality streamed video with a higher quality HD version. Depending on your comfort level with video software, that may sound complication, but our software integrations enable you to make any necessary edits, and then upload HD videos that can be used on your website or archived. Start your free trial today! 


Bring People Together with Facebook Live

Stay connected with Switcher Studio and Facebook Live

Streaming worship services has never been easier. 


Worship is about community and bringing people together. But sometimes things come up - the kids get sick, people go away on business trips. When it comes down to it, people can’t always be there. Wouldn’t it be great if church members could still participate even if they can’t be there in person?

Streaming on Facebook Live allows people to engage in your worship service no matter where they are. It enables your community to stay connected, and makes it possible to go back and watch again, providing a huge value to everyone in your community.


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