Switcher Studio was Made for Facebook Live  

Switcher Studio makes it easier than ever to create professional, multi-cam video and stand out on Facebook Live.



 With Switcher Studio, you can:

  • Engage with your viewers and see comments and in-app.
  • Use one iPhone or iPad as a video switcher and up to nine more as cameras.
  • One-click streaming to Facebook News Stream, Pages, Groups and Facebook Events.
  • Create more engagement quicker with Switcher Studio's simple set up and easy-to-use interface.
  • Brand your Facebook Live broadcasts with graphics and overlays and even add video from your cameral roll into your streams.
  • Use your computer screen as a camera, the perfect solution for presentations, Skype calls and remote inverviews.

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More Than an App

Switcher Studio was started by video pros with a dream to help others produce great video easier, cheaper and faster. We use our expertise to help you make better live video.

That expertise has grown with our user base and now an engaged and supportive community exists for you to share and grow. The Switcher Studio team remains a constant presence and  it's here where we learn what our members need and how to improve—we’re always here to help.

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