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Livestream on Periscope With Periscope Producer and Switcher Studio

by Dan Petrik
May 26, 2017

Periscope Producer makes it possible to use Periscope along side Switcher Studio.  This will allow you to move beyond the one camera associated with Periscope and still remain mobile while broadcasting.  
Here is a step by step tutorial for how to run Switcher Studio using Periscope Producer.
The first thing we will need to do is find RTMP values inside of Periscope.  To do this, first launch the Periscope app and navigate to the settings tab.
Tap the 3 person icon in the lower right. (See picture 1 below)
Next choose the icon in the upper right. (See picture 2 below)
Scrolling down will reveal the settings tab, choose that. (See picture 3 below)

Setting up Periscope Producer with Switcher Studio


Tap on Periscope Producer under Advanced Sources. (See picture 4 below)
Under Source Connection Info, the Server URL and Stream Name/Stream Key are what you will need. (See picture 5 below)

Periscope Producer with Switcher Studio RTMP values

Under Source Connection Info, the Server URL and Stream Name/Stream Key are what you will need.  
I recommend copying these to an email to yourself instead of typing the values one character at a time. Copying will decrease the chances of their being an error in the values.
Once you have those values copied into an email to yourself, you are ready to create a new custom RTMP channel on your Switcher Studio account.  
We have a detailed tutorial available to help you set that up.  It is available here.
Once you are ready to go Live, tap Record + Broadcast in Switcher Studio. Head back over to the Periscope App to finish the process.
In Periscope, again under the Periscope Producer Tab, you will see “Checking for Source” a few seconds after you tap Rec+Broadcast in Switcher. This will highlight blue and change to “Preview Broadcast” meaning you have connected and are ready to go live.  
Tap Preview Broadcast. (See picture 6 above)
From here you can add a title to your broadcast, and when you are ready, tap the Go Live button.  You will now be Live.

Go live with Periscope Producer and Switcher Studio

We also have a video tutorial to help walk you through this process if that suits you better.

About the Author

Dan Petrik

Dan is Switcher's customer success manager and a co-founder of the company. He is a live video expert, helping companies like Golf Channel and Korbel create amazing livestreams with Switcher. Prior to co-founding Switcher, Dan spent 4 years working at an agency that helped businesses create and stream live video.

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